Some Ideas for iPad use on a Field Trip

Check out our post on iPads in Field Trips for a more detailed discussion on how they might be used

Experiences through Blog Posts

Here are some good blog posts on using the iPad during a real (not virtual) field trip.

Field Trip iPadding - Shauna Ullman, grade 3 teacher in Vancouver, talks about how students used photography, video and a series of apps to create stories, write reflections and create movies of their experience. This! This is how iPads are best used – as a layer on top of what is an already brilliant learning experience. The iPad shouldn’t be the experience in itself (at least not all the time). Thanks for sharing your experience, Shauna!

Second Graders Use iPads to Document Fieldtrip - While on a trip to a museum, students used the camera to take photos and videos of what they saw. As soon as they got on the bus, they were able to begin putting it together in a slide show to show what they had learned. Thank you, Aptakisic-Tripp schools, for sharing your learning!

Third Grade shares their field tripA little video of how a third grade class from Pine Glen Elementary used the iPad and Explain Everything to share what they learned during the trip.

Impromptu Field Trip – The iPad Educators ning site is a great all around resource. There is a video of an unplanned boreal forest trip of students documenting the event with the iPad, as well as some student testimonial.