With over 500 000 apps in the app store, it is overwhelming to search for apps. If you or someone you know is teaching with mobile devices such as iPads and iPods, they would be wise to find a couple of established blogs (on top of edapps.ca, of course!) to follow. A google search will turn up many results, here are a few that I’ve used or have had recommended to me by others.

Lillie’s Pad

Lillie has put together a short list of apps for students with special needs.

The PhysEd Geek

This guy has hundreds of apps and ideas for using mobile tech in physical education.

Fun Educational Apps

Educational Apps for Kids

Apps in Education

This blog has apps broken down into subject areas: Science, English, Math, Music, Art, they have it all. It is easy to navigate and updates seem pretty frequent. This would be a great place to start.

Apps For Children With Special Needs

This is a pretty comprehensive site, going beyond just sharing app ideas. It tells the story of children with special needs. You’ll want to click on App Videos – App Index to skip straight to a huge index of apps, but eventually you’ll want to check out the rest of the site.


Meg Wilson runs this site, and is doing a great job ever expanding the information available. Find instructional ideas, app reviews and app lists by subject area on her website.


A website dedicated to apps for young children and early learning. Hundreds of apps are reviewed and shared on this site.

Moms With Apps

Moms with Apps is a well known site that shares apps for young children. Many early learning apps are shared here, and teachers of young children would be wise to look closely for some great apps!