These may be appropriate for ages 2-6, depending on the individual app. This page will grow with time, but hopefully it will never be as exhaustive (and exhausting!) as some of the other app lists. We would rather offer unique classroom  ideas and best practices on vs being just another app site.


Balloons: Tap and Learn (Free)

  • use of colored balloons, numbers and animals are used for matching. Out of an array of 20 balloon (4 x 5), children pop balloons all of one color, pick out all of the cow shaped balloons (or many other animals), or choose all the balloons shaped like a number. Very simple, at 20 months my son had lots of fun with the animals, and moved into the colors and numbers as he got older.

Toddler Puzzle Shapes (Free)

  • In this app students have to find different shapes such as a heart, diamond, star, etc. When they find it, they drag the shape into an empty puzzle spot that matches the shape. The app uses sound to tell kids which shape to find, but with the sound muted students can still find the shapes based off of shape recognition. Good for shape recognition, shape names, and developing the motor skills to move a puzzle piece into the empty space.

Flashcards for iPad – Free Edition (Free but with a 3.99 in app version for all features)

  • This app has flashcards for animals, transportation (cars, plane, tractor, etc), bodie, things (apple, plant, scissors, etc), alphabet, shapes, colors and numbers. Each flash card shows an image of the subject, has the spelling of the subject, and speaks the name of the subject. So, for an elephant flashcard, there is a cute image of an elephant, along with the word spelled out and the kids hear the word elephant pronounced. Also, by touching on the elephant picture the elephant makes an elephant sound! Students can elso touch individual letters in the word, and hear what the letter is. There are many flashcard apps, this is one of my favourite and worth the in app feature upgrade.


Grover Book (3.99)

  • This classic sesame street book The Monster At The End Of This Book is extra fun on the iPad due to the interactive nature. Grover actually talks, and the words that he is saying are highlighted so that students could read along. They also have to turn the pages, untie the book, and all sorts of other fun things.

Toy Story (Free)

  • Toy Story is a part of Disney’s Digital Books collection that is available on the App Store. It is a short story version of Toy Story, and as an interactive book it has moving images, sound, music, and it reads the book while highlighting individual words as it read, so students can easily read along. THis is a very fun marriage of reading and movies. Auto reading can be turned off, so kids and teachers or parents can read together, and there are even some digital coloring books built in to each page, so that kids can color the images that are used in the story using the iPads touch screen. One of may favorite features is that kids can record themselves readying, and then listen to themself read the book! If you are impressed with this app, and I think you will be, then go to the app store and search “Disney” to find all sorts of similar app books.

Noah’s Ark (1.99)

  • This is an interactive book. It reads to the kids, and you can touch the different animals and characters to hear them make sounds and watch them run around. It is a fun and different way to explore the old story of Noah. Readers will also have to move the animals onto the ark – 2 by 2 of course!