Wow, this is one of our favourite categories. This list is much prettier, with app icons, in PDF format available HERE.

Comic Life (7.99)

  • This app is a fun way to make comics out of the photos that you either take with your iPad, have downloaded from the web, or are anywhere in your photo library. Add text, use colorful page layouts, speech bubbles, and add effects to images to tell an exciting and visual story.

GarageBand (4.99)

  • Garageband is a simple audio-recording software. You can use simulator instruments (that can be played on the iPad, real instruments plugged in through the headphone jack, or anything including your voice through the built in microphone. It allows for very easy mixing of multi-track stereo recordings. Built in loops mean students can piece together a variety of sounds to create a unique musical piece without ever having played an instrument or singing a note – but of course they can do so if they want to. Lots of fun!

iMotion HD (1.99 in-app purchase)

  • iMotion HD is a very simple but powerful stop-motion animation program. It utilizes the built in camera of an iPad 2, iPhone or iPod Touch to take photos. You can set picture intervals from 0.5 seconds to 24 hours. My suggestion would be to use this to make short scenes, and string them together using imovie.

iMovie (4.99)

  • iMovie is a very simple, easy to use movie editing software created by apple specifically for the iPad and iPhone. The interface is simple and the software is very responsive on an iPad 2 or iPhone 4. I have heard complaints that iMovie on the iPad doesn’t have all of the fancy features that iMovie on the mac has (less transitions, special effects, etc). I think this is perfect for student work in their core subject areas. Students won’t spend their time choosing fancy fonts or transitions, and will focus on the content of the movie they are creating and the quality of the story/narration.

PuppetPals HD (Free)

  • This is very similar to toontastic; create your own animated cartoons narrated with your own voice, and use stock images/backgrounds, or use images and backgrounds that you can import yourself. Unlike toontastic, it doesn’t go through the details of the structure of story, but it is still a fantastic app.

Toontastic (1.99)

  • Toontastic walks kids through the process of story writing/telling with the use of a story arc, animated visuals, voice, and music. We’ve featured this app in our blog already, so I’ll let you read the blog post on toontastic to get a feeling for how wonderful this app is.

Speech Journal (3.99)

  • Speech Journal is a voice recorder that lets you pair recorded voice to pictures you import or take with your iOS device. It is a great way for students to practice their speech and hear themselves, or to demonstrate their learning or tell a story with a focus on the spoken word vs the written word.

Strip Designer (2.99)

  • Strip designer is another fun and simple way to make comics out of photos in your photo library or that you take with your iOS device. For more information, check out our brief review here.

Videolicious (Free)

  • Create videos from photos and video with easy. Videos are generally short (less than a minute). What is neat about videolicious is that it will take video/audio of you explaining something, and than after a few seconds it cuts away the video of you (with your voice/audio still playing), and shows a bunch of photos/video clips that you choose to show instead of the video of you explaining something. In the last few seconds, it puts the video of your face up again, with the audio still of your voice. Timing is automated, and it works like magic.