Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer $3.99

This is a wonderful interactive book-app for kids of all ages. The book can auto-play, read to your kids (they still can interact with pictures and have to turn the pages, but it is narrated by a nice voice and the words are highlighted as they are narrated), or they can read it to themselves at their own pace. Touch different parts of the pages and the characters speak, make sounds, sing songs, or say what they are). The images clearly resemble those of the classic Rudolf claymation that we are all familiar with.

A Charlie Brown Christmas $6.99

You have probably already heard about this one; it is another classic Christmas TV special turned into an app. It is wonderfully interactive, with the characters dancing across the screen, each with different movements and sounds throughout the story. The app is a bit expensive, but anyone who enjoyed the TV special when they were young and is now teaching or raising young children will certainly appreciate this app.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas $4.99

If you’ve used any of the Dr. Seuss apps developed by Oceanhouse Media, you can imagine what this app does. Children can listen to the narrated book, or read it themselves or along with an adult. THe pages are interactive; touching on an object prompts the app to ‘speak’ the name of the object as well as to show the word spelled out. If your students or kids like the Dr. Seuss series, than this Christmas book is a must.

A Christmas Carol For iPad $6.99

We all know the classic Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. Now that it has become an app, it is an interactive story with visuals and sounds for entertainment. It is a great way to enjoy the story

Reindeers! FREE (Limited Time)

Reindeers! is a simple app that includes both a book and a stickers. Kids can decorate a few different pictures with stickers (a few dozen to choose from). They can also go through the book, though I hesitate to call the book a story. It is a bit more like a series of flash cards – essentially just a bunch of facts about reindeers. Narration is a childs voice, so it is nice for the kids to listen to and they seem to like it. At a price of free, it is well worth your time to try.

Letters to Santa FREE (Limited Time)

Just for fun, this app let’s students write letters to Santa, send it off, and receive a reply! What a fun way to do some writing as we enter the Christmas season!