The Top 10

Make A Movie of What You Learned:

Make a movie of the sessions, ideas, resources, people and anything else you’ve seen. When you go back to your school to share, you’ll have something to actually show everyone. Get more help with iMovie here.

Read The ISTE Digital Conference Book

Save your back – leave everything in the hotel room  and just carry your iPad. Now you can access an enriched version of the conference program through ISTE’s conference app!

Scan business cards

The CamCard app ($2.99) allows you to scan business cards and create contacts in your address book with ease. You can use a free version, or you can pay a bit more for the full features of the iPhone ($2.99) and iPad ($7.99) apps.

Use Google Search App to Quickly Find Resources

I like to use the google app during meetings and conferences. If someone shares a print resource, I can simply take a photo of the cover – and instantly I’m in, adding the book to my cart. All my new, great finds are waiting for me when I return home from conference!

Use Display Recorder To Share Your New Tricks!

I’m pretty sure we at will do a more thorough introduction to the fresh off the press Display Recorder app, but for now, consider using it as a way to share your new iPad skillz gained during #ISTE12. Display Recorder records ANYTHING that is on your iPad screen, including the home screen, settings, other apps, etc.!!! Check it out sooner rather than later!

Stay Connected (twitter/Blog)

If you already tweet than this might go in the ‘captain obvious’ section. If not, than this is your greatest chance. Sign up for twitter, download hoot suite, and have at ‘er. You’ll be shocked at the amount of conversation happening on twitter during your conference sessions, and you’ll meet like-minded people you otherwise would never know exist.

Explore San Diego Using Qwiki

For now, all you need to know about Qwiki is that there is a map built in that allows you to find all the cool things around you. I used the Qwiki app when I was in Philly for the ASCD conference back in March. I learned a lot about the city through using Qwiki. The app helped me learn about my surroundings and decide where I would spend my limited time exploring. Check our my brief intro to Qwiki for a hands on video.


Ok, I had to!

Find local food

The Urbanspoon app is awesome, and well known on the iPhone. It is a little bit different on the iPad and worth your time to look. I love San Diego, and there are so many great places to eat. Narrow them down with your iPad.

Organize Your Travel

Of course, like many categories, there are a lot of travel apps. I personally haven’t used any, but I hear great things about TripIt; I certainly will be trying it  out the next time I fly – you should too.

Captain-Obvious 3

Take Notes

Pages ($9.99): I almost always use Pages because frankly I paid $10 for it so I’d feel silly not! Others prefer a sync service. Pages is a great word processor but is really only going to work if you want to type vs hand writing.

Sundry Notes ($2.99): You can type or hand write, though the hand writing isn’t my fav. You can insert charts, tables, calculators, and pictures.

Penultimate ($0.99): if you want to write with a stylus or your finger vs typing

Notability ($0.99): if you want to record audio from the session your in, and link it to your hand written or typed notes

Evernote (Free): This is one of the most popular mobile OS note taking apps in existence, and for good reason. It offers easy syncing across devices and to the cloud, and has almost every feature you’ll  ever want. Oddly though, I never find myself using it.

FaceTime or Skype home

‘nough said.

Presentation slideshow (Keynote)

If you’re giving a presentation at ISTE – consider transferring your presentation to Keynote in your iPad. I’ve been using this for about a year and love it.

Honorable Mention


Watch a movie, read a book – whatever. The part I hate most about going to conferences is being away from my kids – the part I enjoy the most about conference is a quiet evening to myself.