If you’ve ever made a video in iMovie, a song in Garageband, a book in Book Creator, (or made anything really) on an iPad, than you know the pain of getting that product off of the iPad. That’s why I’ve made this video (below) to teach you how to pull files off of the iPad, and how to put it back on to the iPad, in less than 5 minutes. I’ve started to teach students how to do this, so that as a teacher I’m not stuck for hours each week managing these devices.

The other issue is digital citizenship. When the files stay on the iPad - everyone who shares that iPad shares photos and video, and every document in side of every app. This leads to concerns that should be address regarding responsible use and digital citizenship. One way to deal with this is to pull files off of the iPad that is personal or that needs to be kept safely.

The BEST part? You DON’T have to use the computer you usually sync your iPad/iPod to, you can do this with ANY computer with iTunes!

Enjoy the video.